Carousel Horse Party

Today I hosted the second part of my carousel horse exhibit opening. It was a fun day with people old and new. My favorite thing that happened was my friend’s niece buying her first ever piece of art – with her own money! So exciting to see the future generation show such interest in art, and especially this little girl I’m very fond of, who is turning into a young lady.

After my event I went to John’s where there was a lot of laughter over some rather unexpected topics. I then filmed a video of John getting into the crate with Bobby and Nancy and me locking the door. He said they were warm and cuddly and smelled very good. Sometimes I think I act too crazy when I’m there. Though I wasn’t the one crawling into the dog crate. Obviously I released them. They were only in there for like a minute. They seemed to all have enjoyed the experience very much.

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