Your Own Lucky Painting

What are your hopes and dreams for 2023? And what type of symbols do you consider lucky? This doesn’t necessarily involve superstition, but rather a penchant for colorful positive thinking in which certain animals/plants/numbers/colors are ones you have chosen as favorites and therefore, when you get a sighting of them, they cheer you up and cheer you on. For me it’s giraffes, owls, yellow crowned night herons, the number 21, and horses made of plastic or metal – whether they be rocking or carousel horses, it does not matter. I also really really love gold and in 2022 I’ve made a series of small acrylic on wood paintings in which the background is gold. I’m very fond of these and I would love to create one just for you featuring an animal, plant, object, or even a patch of color that you consider fortuitous – something beautiful for you to look at every day that will give you a little jolt of optimism, like your own personal wink from the Universe. It could be a lucky little fox, a graceful coastal bird, a bear for protection, a happy ladybug, a cow (because cows are Everything), the leaf of a plant you love, or any number of things that might come to mind when you think of lucky symbols.

10×10 inch acrylic on wood paintings are $200 if commissioned and paid for by January 6th 2023, and $250 after that. Please email me if you’d like one. My email is

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