A New Kind of Fish

There was a time, more than ten years ago, when all I painted were fish. Once I got braver about drawing, I diversified my repertoire and only rarely went back to the fish theme. But yesterday I started playing with a new technique involving collage art on my signature gold background and these fishies happened. I like them very much, and I especially like that they have evil eye protection 🧿 as eyes, because we all definitely need evil eye protection especially after this crazy year.

If anyone wants to adopt them, they’re 10×10 inches acrylic with collage elements on cradled wood panels and cost $200 each.

Also, my crazy crazy year with all its upheaval and loss seems to be coming to a mellow but nice ending. The weather was finally warm today, and in the evening I enjoyed a nice gathering with friends in a very beautiful space. I’m working on a new collage and I have a bunch of ideas for my website. Overall, although this year was tough in many ways, I feel like I have learned a lot and that things are beginning to take shape. I’m also glad I found my way back to writing this blog. In the ten years I’ve been doing it, I’ve never taken as long a break as I have this year, and I’ve never before seriously considered quitting it altogether. I might still make changes and at some point decide that writing these entries daily is too much, but for now it feels good that my blog is not one of the things I lost in 2022.

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