Here are a bunch of things I look forward to in 2023: painting the small lucky paintings for the people commissioning them, more walking tours, publishing my next Galveston novel (Lola Is Never Drinking Again), dressing up on occasion, time spent on the Island, going to the National Carousel Association conference, all sorts of magic, time spent at the Castle, drawing people’s dogs, being more like Nancy, making more collage art, making more textured abstracts, staying at the Tremont House and having more photo opportunities with my art displayed there, painting watercolors, trying new art styles, taking Holly to the beach, watching the cats at the Castle war breakfast, and finding new inspiration. This is not an all encompassing list, and in fact, what I’m most excited about is the unknown. It’ll be fun to revisit this a year from now and think about the things I could not have anticipated.

As to the year that’s passed, I learned a lot from it, and yes, there were beautiful moments snuck in among all the challenges. I’m ready to say goodbye now, eat my 12 grapes and go to bed. Still, because I’m grateful for the lessons, growth, and the glimmers of magic, here’s a little retrospective.

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