1st Day of the Year

It’s the first day of the year and it appears that I can’t keep a secret. I wanted to keep this new collage I’ve been working on a secret, but now that I’m adding gloss, I can’t help it, I’m too excited.

It’s been all around a great day. John hosted a potluck lunch and it was really fun – lots of people there I wanted to see, and I got to see Bobby and Nancy too. John and I even took them to the park.

I also sold a painting – so I’m definitely starting the year off right. It was a painting I was going to keep, but then my top collector wanted it and I figured this transaction would be lucky for both of us on the first day of the year.

Later I went home, worked on the new collage, and listened to the Old Quarter’s annual Townes van Zandt wake live on YouTube. It was amazing! And it made me miss the Old Quarter. I definitely need to make sure I go listen to some music there this year.

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