Sea Turtle

I had to paint a sea turtle as one of my lucky paintings because sea turtles are very important to me. They factor into my everyday life and shape all kinds of decisions mostly having to do with plastic bags, straws, styrofoam cups, and all the other things I don’t want to end up in the ocean.

Aside from painting the sea turtle my day was very good and very busy. The fundraising show for Winter Street Studios was this morning. I sold my blue cow to a very cool new collector and I got to visit with some artists I hadn’t seen in a long time. Overall it was a very positive event just like I knew it would be.

In the evening I went down memory lane with a visit to Hardy and Nance Studios – where I had my first studio when I moved to Houston. It felt good but a bit surreal to be back in that building. And John came too which was even more surreal. We saw a very beautiful Weimaraner in one of the studios.

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