Come Back!

Another slow day. It’s cold and I’ve sort of gone into hibernation. I did get out to meet an artist friend for lunch though and bring her the cute little rabbit painting she had bought. We had a lot of catching up to do, so we sat and talked for a long time.

In the afternoon I made myself walk around a little bit despite the day growing colder. I went to look at the sycamore trees nearby to see if they’re showing any signs of life so that I could figure out if my fledgling little sycamore looks ok compared to them. I saw that they have these brown shiny bumps on their branches. I went back to look at my tiny tree, and it has similar bumps. I like to imagine the leaves curled up in there growing, yet still protected in case there’s another serious cold snap. Realizing my tree is alive made me hopeful. I started thinking of the Yellow Crowned Night Herons. I think they’re supposed to come back in February – and that’s just around the corner.

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