Tones of Gray

Today was very rainy and windy and the day brought some sad news. I painted an abstract in tones of gray that complements another similar abstract I did at Christmas. I stayed mostly inside until the weather cleared. I took a walk at 6pm and it was nice to see that it was still light out. I walked underneath the live oak trees where the Yellow Crowned Night Herons nest and although it’s way too early I looked up each time I heard a flutter of wings. It was just a bunch of doves. But then I saw a small bird fly ever so quietly and I grew very excited because by now I know how to recognize its movements. To my delight I got to see not one, but two tiny owls. I even took a video of them.

My friend sent me pictures of the fog in Galveston today – then of the sunset.

And speaking of Galveston, I’m finally getting some feedback on Lola Is Never Drinking Again.

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