Cedar Waxwing

This morning my mind felt foggy and I felt restless – like I needed something and didn’t know what that was. So I went for a very long walk, which is usually the remedy for tiredness, confusion, and all sorts of other unpleasant things. It did me a world of good to be outside, and I discovered a great many things. I saw a bunch of Cedar Waxwings – beautiful and very lively birds I have never noticed before.

Then I followed a walking path right to the bayou, and there I continued walking. I saw bluebonnets and herons and marveled once more over how accessible nature is to us here in Houston, and also over how there is a web of walking and biking trails going under highways and connecting the various parks and bayous. Mostly people say Houston is not a good walking city. But if one truly loves to walk and if one knows where to go, one could enjoy a never ending nature walk right here in the center of the city.

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