I’m still daydreaming the hot summer days and nights away. I’m taking it easy, working out, eating lunch in cute little places around the neighborhood, taking long naps, and occasionally taking my shoes off on walks to make sure the pavement is not too hot for my old dog. But just because I’m taking it easy, doesn’t mean good things aren’t happening. Actually I should learn from this that it’s totally when I relax that the magic flows best. I’m just here enjoying life, and good things are unfolding on their very own, without much pushing and prodding to speed them along. There have been some nice visits to the gallery, all very relaxed, some sweet art sales, some very fun unexpected commissions, and today the install of one of my favorite seascapes (below) in the home of collectors I absolutely love, who have become close friends of mine – and whose collection includes work by other Houston artists I admire.

There are new paintings too – two seascapes that I worked on slowly, and which are a little bit different.

As to my continuing Miss Vulpe obsession, it is carrying me through the summer, keeping me happy and entertained, shielding me from all kinds of potential drama, as I simply do not have the bandwidth to obsess over anything else right now. This is the best way to be in my opinion. And it is totally why I write – for my own entertainment. Though I am happy that others enjoy my books as well.

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