Dog Birthday in Barblieland

I figured maybe it was time for a weekly check in. The summer is still deliciously slow, though I have been working out consistently and writing every day. I also made it out to see the Barbie movie and really loved it. Realized not for the first time that I’m blessed to have such a care free (read: Ken-free) existence in which I pretty much do what I want all day every day.

You know what else is a true blessing? My feisty little canine who is no stranger to all sorts of accidents (remember the rat poison debacle?) turns 13 tomorrow. Most Bostons don’t live past 10, but this little girl must have some good genes and a lucky star. I considered taking her to the Tremont House for her big day, but I settled for buying her a doggie ice cream which she’ll get to enjoy after her Dog Breakfast tomorrow.

Also, here are some pictures of what I’ve been working on recently – and of the birthday girl, of course.

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