Hot off the Easel

Here are two brand new abstract paintings in my Distressed Layers style hot off the easel. (Though perhaps one should not use the term hot to describe things during this scorching summer.) Still, here they are, brand new, small (12×12 inches each) but packed with color and personality. These beauties are $250 each, should you want them.

What else is new? I’ve been cleaning like a fiend and loving every minute of it. It makes me think of Lola Is Never Drinking Again, since cleaning as a prerequisite to magic plays such an important role in the story.

I’ve been painting too, and writing writing writing. In fact, today I sent the new manuscript, Magic Lessons for Margo, to two of my favorite beta readers. It’s always an exciting step, the moment a story is ready to be shared. So I thought I’d mark the occasion with a blog post, though I’ve been as lazy about blogging lately as I’ve been about everything else. Except cleaning, writing, painting, and working out. I guess these are my priorities right now.

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