October Art Show + Ghost Tours

If you’re anything like me, then October is definitely your favorite time of year here in Texas. The weather is glorious in October, and after a long scorching summer, we all breathe a sigh of relief. But this year, I have yet another reason to look forward to my favorite month. I’ve been waiting for this all year! My art show, Ghostly Images, at The Proletariat Gallery in Galveston is just around the corner! The opening will take place on October 7th, during Art Walk.

I couldn’t be more excited to have a show in this beautiful historical venue. The Proletariat Gallery is located in the same building that used to house the Weather Bureau in 1900. Need I say more? In fact, the building is the very last stop on my Galveston Past and Present Walking Tours. It would make for a super fun Galveston experience if people took my tour, then stopped in to see my show and have a drink at the gallery (which is also a wonderful bar and coffee house that frequently hosts live music and other events). Dates available for tours include Friday the 13th, as well October 31st. How eerily fun is that?

And to make things even better, I’ve made the tours easier than ever to book, both here on my website as well as on AirBnb. I hope you’ll consider joining us!

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