November is here. Time to think of the dearly departed, but also of gratitude, time for the first big chill, but also for sunny mornings and Bluejays, and days so lovely you forget we live in such an unforgiving climate. Time to make Thanksgiving plans, or at least bake a pie or two. Or not. You don’t have to make pies if you don’t want to. In fact, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, and neither do I, and sometimes I use this as a pass to get out of doing things that are actually good for me, such as painting my daily watercolors. But I need the daily watercolors. They are my meditation. I recently decided to take this practice seriously again, so here are some of my latest creations. You can come see them at the gallery if you wish, but you do need to make an appointment because my carousel horses and I lead very busy lives and we need to prepare for you.

What else? I’ve been enjoying writing for The Leader. It keeps me engaged with the community and on my toes. I’m also still obsessed with Miss Vulpe and almost done with the first draft of Book 3 in the series. In fact, some of my recent daily watercolors are inspired by her adventures. Can you guess which ones?

My show at The Proletariat Gallery in Galveston will be up until November 20th, so if you haven’t seen it yet, I hope you make it. I’m giving an Artist Talk the evening of November 14th. My friend Richard Roach will be performing live music at the event, which I’m really excited about! And I will have copies of all 4 of my Galveston novels available for sale (signed, of course) and a few copies of The Adventures of Miss Vulpe too.

I’ve also opened up a few available dates for my Galveston Past and Present Walking Tour for November, including the day of the big November Art Walk.

And I will be teaching a watercolor workshop here at the gallery on the evening of November 16th. I’ve taught a few of these over the past two months, and they really bring me great joy.

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