October Update

Bought marigolds. I love them so much. I love this time of year, though sometimes the mornings are too cold for me and the house stays cold even as the day gets hotter.

My show is still up at The Proletariat in Galveston. You should go see it.

I’m really enjoying writing for The Leader. Definitely expect me to talk about that a lot. And sorry, not sorry, sometimes my newspaper articles will take precedence over blogging. In fact, I’m putting as much energy into them as I did into blogging back in the day (and I mean like 10 years ago) when I was really into it. I love how retro it is too. If you thought blogging had a sort of retro allure, try writing articles for the actual paper! And yes, for those of you not living around here, they do actually print The Leader, it’s not just online!

Current obsessions: Anna Delvey and Miss Vulpe. I find that the two kind of go together, don’t you? Also, I’m 60,000 words into book 3 of the series and definitely enjoying writing it.

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