Frogs in Love etc.

It’s a wonderful time of year. Frogs are loving on each other in the pond outside the gallery. Frogs are laying frog eggs and John is trying to figure out ways to keep Nancy the English Pointer out of the pond. Yes, it’s a wonderful season and I had a wonderful day!

First I had really good meetings with both Ryan and John. I painted labyrinths on little round canvases my friend gave me during my meeting with John. We talked about a lot of things, we drank strong coffee at EQ Heights, and it was all useful and fun.

After that, I decided to take my new sister, Nabarupa aka Lily to lunch and to the art supply store. We had Vietnamese noodles. Then, at the store, I shared with her what I’ve learned: Don’t hesitate to buy art supplies! If you don’t buy stuff you can’t make stuff and you can’t sell stuff. Buy art supplies like they are grocery staples. Fill up your cart with no fear or hesitation. Do not pause to contemplate exchange rates. Exchange rates can only hold you back! (I learned that ten year ago when I was living in Norway where everything was too expensive). Buy what you need, or rather what you think you need, as truly you can’t be too calculating. Try to have fun!

We took our loot home and painted together in silence. We didn’t need to talk because we were both happy, and the energy in the room was so good, flowing freely between us. We made some very cool stuff. And John came and brought us chocolate covered blueberries. Tomorrow I might bring the biggest dog in the universe with me to the gallery. Wish me luck!

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