Dog in the Gallery

“It’s like a big mouse!” John said. We all could hear the squeals as my dog jumped up and down trying to reach the door handle, hoping to escape the gallery and possibly conquer the world.

I was a little concerned for the jumping mouse, but mostly proud at facing one of my biggest fears: I finally brought Holly to the Chrysalis! I brought her because I wanted her to meet Lily, who totally loved her, but also because John encouraged me to. I was really nervous because I knew my little monster might try to kill Nancy and Bobby. Luckily we were able to keep them apart, for the most part.

Holly was very happy to see the gallery and to meet Lily. She ran around the way she does when we check into luxury hotels, there was the same level of excitement to exploring this new space.

There were also fun new ways to misbehave: She nipped at Nancy (sorry, Nancy!), drank Lily’s paint water, and drank Lily’s coffee too. That all, however, did not prevent her from taking a little afternoon nap with me in one of the armchairs downstairs.

Overall, I loved having her there, but in some ways it also felt like having an extra limb or something. By the time we got home we were both completely exhausted. I think we might have to call it an early night.

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