4 Women. 4 Hammers. 40 Paintings

Today I went to Home Depot and bought the most amazing little power drill. Then I put D-rings on 40 paintings while my friends were cutting out the labels I’d printed and putting each into its individual frame. That, by the way, is very very tedious. I have good friends!

The paintings are now all on the walls in the gallery! It turns out there are actually 46 of them, even though we’ve eliminated a few, but the fact that I totally suck at math should be no surprise.

What was surprising was seeing everything together for the first time and realizing it all goes together. I’m loving the overall effect, and that’s very very important. So yeah, I have to say I’m very happy right now. I can’t wait for people to come see the show!

This, by the way, is in stark contrast to how I was feeling yesterday, when I even contemplated running away. I kept telling John that he’s in trouble because I invited all these people to his house and was probably gonna run off to Spain and let him deal with them. I also told him I was toying with the idea of not putting any art up at all and leaving all the walls empty. Minimalism. Has any Escapist done such a show? Of course, this is typical banter for John and me. We laugh a lot. But there was something to it. Y’all, I was really scared! Not just of the hanging process (which I couldn’t have done without my friends!) but of the show itself. What if the paintings sucked, both individually and put together? What if this was simply not my best work? What if it wasn’t good work at all?

Now that it’s all on the walls those fears are gone. I do like the paintings and I do feel that I identify strongly with them. I’m really really happy with this show. I can’t wait for everyone to come see it!

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