Little Fish

With my show hung and looking very much to my liking, I’m floating on a little cloud of happiness. And so I floated on down to the Island where I had a very special photo shoot with one of my favorite artist friends in one of my favorite Island homes. Details to follow over the next few days. I also went to Maceo’s for lunch, and to the vet to get my dog’s heart-worm and flea meds. A curious little fish looked at me from a little fish bowl while I completed my transaction. I decided I needed to paint it. It seemed fitting. After all, today is the six-year anniversary of my blog, and one thing I’m celebrating is that by painting every day my skills have grown a lot from the days when I only did abstract fish. Even my fish have gotten better! Go figure!

My favorite moment of the day came in the evening, though. That’s when I sat in the freshly mopped gallery among all my paintings and ate what John and I refer to as “the good sandwich.” This is the Garden Sammie from Local Foods (on a gluten free wrap, because I love the texture!) with sides of kale and watermelon. I’m pretty much addicted to this creation. But it has never tasted so good as when I ate it picnic-style while looking at my paintings. I swear, I enjoy looking at them even more than I love looking in the mirror! And everyone who knows me knows how addicted I am to mirrors.

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