A Glass Full of Sunshine

The experiment of me painting in my upstairs room continues. Today my inspiration came from my friend at The Amsterdamian, who recently traveled to Malaga and posted some really beautiful pictures. I’m not sure yet how I feel about the painting or about working upstairs instead of in my studio. There were moments when I enjoyed the experience a lot, and I’m sure Holly liked having me around more too, but I’m still a little skeptical and it’s probably just my aversion to change. Also an odd kind of superstition: I painted some of my all-time best paintings at Sabine Street. What if I can’t produce work of that caliber somewhere else? Perhaps I should file that under ‘ridiculous fears.’ I have a lot of these, in case you were wondering.

Anyway, perhaps my favorite moment of the day occurred at the post office when I learned that shipping one of my 24×24 inch Washington DC paintings only costs about $12. I just love the postal service! I had been running around a bit frazzled, trying to tie some loose ends regarding my business entity – hopefully the last hurdle? – and I was feeling very anxious, so having the kind people at the post office help me with my package, and realizing it’s rather inexpensive to mail these, made me feel like I’ve some sort of support out there.

I also really enjoyed yoga, and was actually able to relax and let go in class tonight, something I very much needed! And, emboldened by my yoga session I actually wrapped two packages tonight to take to the post office tomorrow!

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