Today I painted this little cow. As you know, I love cows, and I identify with them, as a Taurus, a benevolent creature who likes her world to be in order. With all the changes in my life things have been a bit chaotic, and the Bull has been anxious and irritable, but I think I made some progress towards restoring a sense of order today. It wasn’t a day marked by big achievements – I did regular stuff like mail two packages, eat a poké roll and an açai bowl, shop for wrapping paper, and yes, paint this cow – but I finally managed to synch my business credit card with my Quickbooks Self-Employed app, and that, to me, makes a world of difference. I love accounting and numbers and love having a system to keep all these things straight, so I’m happy with this little development. Also, I officially gave notice on my studio at Sabine Street and that feels good too. Life will be simpler and easier. And perhaps all it takes is for me to be patient as everything slowly gets on track, but Bulls have trouble with patience too.

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