White Dress

Apparently there’s new merchandise at Tangerine Boutique, including a white dress I felt compelled to paint, but I couldn’t make it down to the Island in a while because I’ve been so busy. And let me tell you, it’s been wonderful! It’s like things are finally starting to happen and I’ve so much exciting work to do!

Some of the highlights of my day: I sold the McDonald Observatory painting I love so much! I also received some very good sea-turtle-related news, which I’ll share soon. I did more preparations for tomorrow’s Moving Out Sale at Sabine Street (this included but was not limited to making ice cubes in my new silicone ice cube trays, because the ice they sell at the store is wrapped in plastic), playing around with an abstract piece on paper, and chasing the Biggest Dog in the Universe around the couch. Spoiler Alert: I eventually got the rope giraffe!

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