How Long Does It Take

It has been the most interesting day. I woke up to a surprise purchase in my online store, the very store that’s attached to this blog. It was my very first transaction in the store, and at first I was confused about the notification I’d received. But no, while I was sleeping, someone had really bought my mannequin wearing a pink wig, one of my all-time favorite pieces! So that was quite exciting, even more so since that painting has a subtext for me, something I’ve been ruminating on lately.

The day continued to be a bit surreal. I was in my studio at Sabine Street where I had nice visits, and even some good sales. At some point I started playing with the background of an older painting, a Chanel mannequin and an alligator I’d painted during Hurricane Harvey. I figured it was appropriate to still be working on it, as we’re all still processing the experience of the hurricane. How long does it take to process an experience like that?

And then, because it was a surreal day indeed, in walked the friend whose hurricane experience was probably most parallel to mine. I hadn’t seen her for months and months, had almost lost touch with her, in fact.

After the Open Studio event we ended up going to the Museum of Fine Art to see the Van Gogh exhibit, which was quite amazing and also very crowded. While looking at the paintings I flirted with a man who was very attractive, was dressed very nice, and seemed to have a deep appreciation for art. I’ve no idea who he is, but if it’s meant to be, perhaps our paths will cross again?

Anyway, it’s been a long day and quite an exciting one, and now I’m tired. Also, don’t you think my large ice cubes are very pretty?

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