Temperature Check

Here’s how to make sure the pavement is not too hot for your dog’s paws: Step outside barefoot. Stand next … More

On Mondays We Monday

Somebody told me today was National Teddy Bear Day so I painted a teddy bear. You might notice he looks … More

Storm Survivor

Today marks the anniversary of the Great Storm of 1900. It was a perfect day to work on my Galveston … More

Girl with Dog

I made this quick sketch of Holly and me. It’s inspired by a picture my friend took at the party … More

What a Day!

The painting is of the festive table at the birthday party I attended this weekend. I felt like painting it … More


Today I drew giraffes because I love these animals, and because I came across an older picture of a baby … More

White Pelican

Today I painted a white pelican. I also applied Alexander Ross, the carousel horsie onto a wooden panel with a … More