Do You Read Seasonally?

This is a sandhill crane. It’s the season for sandhill cranes in Galveston, and although winter doesn’t excite me, and I don’t care for the Holidays – to put it mildly – I do enjoy the occasional glimpse I get of these beautiful birds. I see them sometimes when I drive out to Campeche Cove where my dog’s vet is, but only rarely, and only this time of year. There’s a magic to seasons, even for someone like me who would rather be hot year round. There’s something lovely and just right about enjoying fruit and vegetables at the right time – nowadays there’s a plethora of citrus to be had here in Texas – as well as seeing things bloom or shed their leaves respectively. But what about books? Do you like to read books seasonally? I hadn’t given this much thought and hadn’t realized I do this until I talked it over with two friends today. One of them suggested I hold off on releasing my hurricane novel until hurricane season. The thought struck me as creepy yet compelling. I asked my historical expert what she thought of it, and she said she liked the idea because she reads books seasonally. And that’s when I realized I actually do too. And also that quite possibly I might have gained some months of planning the release and hopefully this time around doing everything I need for a proper book launch!

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