Sleigh Dogs

One of my most inspiring collectors is on a trip to Colorado and posted some amazing videos of sleigh dogs. I definitely had to draw these!

Meanwhile here in Houston I managed to read too late into the night and not get enough sleep, which impacted the photo shoot I had this morning. I’m trying to get new author pictures and some other good images as well, and well, there’s nothing like the pressure of knowing I have to look good in the morning, therefore have to sleep well, to make me toss and turn and then wake up with a headache and red puffy eyes. So, a lot of my insecurities flared up during the photo shoot, and I didn’t really manage to feel good about myself or pose with any confidence until I changed into my favorite John Ross Palmer scarf and the YSL pants my friend gave me, and started thinking of one of the most elegant creatures I know, who definitely has the right attitude: Nancy, the English Pointer. I decided I wanted to be beautiful and playful like Nancy, very energetic and exuberant, but actually reserved. Nancy will greet you full of excitement but she will not kiss you. She’s a beautiful tease. Thinking of her helped a lot and in the end I managed to get some good shots. Though of course, me being me, I probably will end up liking the ones the photographer shot with my phone just for fun (see below) better than the actual professional ones done with the fancy camera.

Also, my paintings are now hanging at EQ Heights, my favorite Houston coffee shop, where John and I like to have breakfast every now and then. I’m so happy to have them in there!

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