Very Lucky Rat Indeed

Today was eventful and lots of fun. I resumed my breakfast of bao and Hong Kong milk tea, followed by a later breakfast at Sant Ambroeus, then in the afternoon met up with my friend and roommate from grad school with whom I share a lot of memories, and whom I hadn’t seen in a very long time. And guess what? She’s always always for as long as I could remember wanted a mink coat. So yes, this actually happened. After a late lunch with drinks and an equal share of catching up and reminiscing she came to my hotel room in Chinatown and tried on the one coat I haven’t even worn on this trip because it didn’t quite suit me – my mother’s full length mink coat. It looked perfect on her! And so both mink and money exchanged hands. I can officially now call myself a fur dealer and say that I’ve done something to continue the family tradition. I’m so thrilled, because I know that mink will be loved and worn and treasured. It will have some fabulous adventures in the company of a one of a kind person! I guess the golden rat decorations that are displayed all over Chinatown have brought me some good luck indeed!

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