Today I took my mom’s silver fox coat on a special adventure: lunch at Balthazar in SoHo. The restaurant is absolutely divine and totally vintage-fur-worthy. The interior is so beautiful and I was so awe-struck that I didn’t even take pictures. I was happy to take in everything from my little table, and to enjoy the wonderful food and bread. They have their own bakery and and the bread and butter tasted just like bread and butter in Paris. For my meal I had grilled chicken Paillard salad, which was wonderful, because grilled chicken can be the best thing ever if done right.

After lunch I walked to the bank and deposited half of my fur money. Then I walked to the post office here in Chinatown to mail some postcards and it ended up being such a pleasant walk. I can’t even describe how much I love Chinatown. It’s genuine and busy, full of vegetable carts, stores selling red and gold good luck rats, noodle shops, and grandmas pulling shopping trolleys. I think I’ll really miss its energy when I’m gone.

In the evening I met my friend from more than twenty years ago. We had Greek food and caught up, but also talked about the old times. We’ve had so many adventures together. She’s even in one of my paintings, and was featured in my solo show. It’s called Dining Like Queens in Barcelona. Dinner went by too fast and I was left feeling like I didn’t have enough time with her.

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