Rainy Day Dim Sum

Today it rained and was cold. My beautiful view was entirely covered in fog. I felt rather melancholic – between this being my last day here, and seeing my friend last night, then having to say goodbye, I had trouble dispersing my own mental and emotional fog. I ended up enjoying my usual breakfast of milk tea at the bakery downstairs, then did a bit of work in my room. I sent a few emails, set up a few nice things for the coming week so that I can start feeling excited about my Houston life again. I have meetings lined up with collectors and friends, breakfast with my mentor, and – drumroll! – a volunteer orientation and happy hour, because one of my goals this year is to start volunteering again. I found an organization that does something I’m interested in. It has to do with fashion, the environment, and fabrics! I’ll tell you more later!

For lunch I walked to Nom Wah, the oldest dim sum parlor in Chinatown. It did not disappoint. Operating since 1920, Nom Wah is an absolute winner in terms of atmosphere, a magical little corner of Chinatown, with good food and absolutely delicious tea. I’m so happy I discovered it!

Also, I’m approaching the final stretch of my campaign to sell pre-release copies of Storms of Malhado. There are only two days left to order one and become a VIP reader! Everyone who orders after February 8th will have to wait until September to read the book – and that’s a long wait!

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