Rainy Morning in Chinatown

Proof that New York City actually loves me back: It rained this morning, it was cold and foggy, and my beautiful view was completely hidden. I talked to it. I asked it to please show itself. I needed to see it one more time, needed to say goodbye. By the time I ran downstairs to the Chinese bakery – an errand which, with the sidewalks glimmering with rain, and the red lanterns adding a hopeful spot of color, seemed magical to me – the silhouettes of buildings had started peeking through the fog. The World Trade Center showed itself again, and I was grateful. It was hard to leave this beautiful view, hard to leave the constant sound of the City, hard to leave Chinatown with its red lanterns and lucky golden rats, its dumplings and cheap pastries and good tea and people selling vegetables from carts on the sidewalk. At the airport, the City decided to show me a rainbow, complete and round, a final friendly gesture. Houston greeted me with a sunset, pink and gorgeous, but I’m not feeling it yet.

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