Hello, Taurus Season!

Taurus Season starts tomorrow, so I painted the blue background to a new Astrology-inspired painting. Also, since my three protagonists … More


Today I added a bit more definition to the Sunbathing in the Kitchen painting. I also wrote and cooked, and … More

Saturday Night Lights

What was most fun about today was dressing up for my Facebook Live, and my friends playing along and watching … More

Red Nails

Made some more progress on my Sunbathing in the Kitchen painting today. Also made a collage for The Adventures of … More

Stay Home and Buy Stamps

My sunbathing in the kitchen painting is progressing nicely. I love how the dog looks all confused – though in … More

A Day’s Work

Today I painted over yesterday’s abstract painting until it became something else. I’m not sure yet that I like it, … More

Crisp Spring Day

Today was the most beautiful crisp spring day. I started working on a new abstract painting. I also wrote a … More

Easter 2020

Today the weather was glorious and the dog and I managed to have two fairly decent walks. We also did … More

Mary’s Back!

Y’all might remember how in October the statue of Mary Star of the Sea on top of the Basilica in … More