Jack Russell Puppies

I’ve always loved Jack Russell Terriers, and even the episode of Sex and the City where Charlotte adopts a very spirited on that almost destroys her apartment didn’t change my mind. They are so adorable! Besides, what’s wrong with having a strong personality? I might have been a Jack Russell myself in a different life.

Anyway, today John sent me a picture of his great grandfather holding two Jack Russell puppies and I thought it was the cutest thing ever and I had to paint it! It’s true that I didn’t know from the beginning what breed the puppies were, but luckily one of our most VIP collectors has Jack Russell Terriers and was able to enlighten us.

Anyway, this was so much fun! I’m really grateful for the fabulous community around my Facebook Live videos. They make me happy every single day! Who would have thought it would be possible to have such fun in the middle of these strange and anxiety-ridden times?

Also, today’s Crazy Good Deal is totally amazing! Y’all don’t want to miss this one!

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