Today’s painting is still in progress. It’s just a little teaser for my upcoming Paris Series. These paintings will be unveiled shortly after Bastille Day during a virtual soirée for my top collectors. With encouragement and help from my amazing friend who works with Zoom all the time, and with inspiration from my mentors who hosted a really fun and very successful art auction via Zoom on the 4th of July, I decided that I need to attempt this. If you’ve bought art from me lately, you will be invited. And if you haven’t but want in, go look at my online store and see what Crazy Good Deal you can snatch up!

The Paris paintings will be fun, fresh, très chic, and for now, my progress on them will be a well-guarded secret.

Meanwhile, there are some very special projects in store for the online show. I’m very excited about tomorrow, because tomorrow I get to paint a beautiful horse called Fiona. You might want to make time to watch me paint her at 5:45pm CST if you can.

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