Today I got to paint Fiona. She was my friend Dr. Susan Catlett’s horse for 13 years, but now she has new owners who also love her and keep her well taken care of and happy. At my friend’s house I’ve seen some amazing art featuring Fiona the horse, including a portrait painted by John as part of his Jane & Friends pet portrait series, so naturally I’m totally psyched that my little watercolor will join this collection. We had a lot of fun too with the live painting and chatting throughout the show.

A muse not only to the visual arts, Fiona inspired the name of one of the two horses that end up playing an important role in Storms of Malhado. Having learned more about her today (she’s a Leo!) I think the Fiona in the book shares more than her name. In fact, I feel like looking up that section of the book now.

I also have been secretly working away at my Paris series. And if you check out my online store, you will find a brand new Crazy Good Deal!

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