Oyster Love

Today I painted an oyster. I miss these slimy guys. But it’s neither oyster season, nor tempting to go out there with the rising number of cases. Painting the oyster, of course, was immensely satisfying. So are the two new reviews I got for Storms of Malhado. Nothing like reviews to make my day!

I think I broke some new ground in my editing of The Glory Days of Aimée Bonnard as well. I managed to transform a chapter that was a bit clumsy into something I quite like.

I think a lot of Aimée these days, as I contemplate the wealth of time before me and my freedom to do with it as I please. It occurred to me that although her story is so different from mine, she’s a character I’ve created as a metaphor for the ways in which I always wanted to free myself, to have full reign of my time, and no oppressive entity or unwanted activity stealing it from me.

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