Today I decided to paint a tiara to remind myself that, although I don’t have all my ducks in a row, I still deserve to wear one. Because, really, 80% of my ducks are pretty well trained and definitely walking the line. The other 20%, well… Whatever, I can’t have everything figured out, and sometimes I do feel like I’m performing a complex juggling act, and might drop a ball or two.

Some things about today were awesome, though: I had a little crisis regarding my Internet connection (or lack thereof) and three different neighbors offered me to use their wifi. It reminded me that there are nice people all around and that sometimes one has to ask for help – and get to know the neighbors.

Also, I’m preparing a pretty big online event for an exclusive group of collectors, and am pretty excited (also nervous because I’m always nervous but I do things anyway – therefore the tiara!).

Meanwhile I might with caution and probably two layered masks venture out tomorrow to see some of my favorite people in a socially distant fashion and get a preview of Sarah Rimboch’s Escapist solo show, entitled Layers (probably not in reference to my layered masks, but hey, I do what I can to have my outfits complement the art). My friends also want me to join them at the farmers’ market on Saturday, and I think I’ll go. It’s outside and they’ve been going for weeks and feeling safe with the Covid protocols by both vendors and patrons, so maybe it will do me good to have a little outing – and sink my teeth into some produce that’s fresher and lovelier than even my awesome grocery store can provide.

So yeah, I’d say that all in all there are some good things to be happy about, some small treats to look forward to. And in the midst of it all a lot there’s always, of course, a lot of chaos – which one should try to find somewhat agreeable as well.

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