Meet Cupid

This is a portrait of my friend’s cute little turtle. His name is Cupid. I got to paint him today with all his adorable stripes and his beautiful intricate shell.

It’s been a good day all around. Late night chatting with the historical expert who’s helping with Glory Days resulted in her sharing a very useful idea: I had a whole part of the book about the Storm of 1900, but really, did the storm need to be in there? Could I write a story about that time period but not necessarily set it in 1900 and include the storm? Can there be historical fiction set in Galveston that’s not storm centered?

Personally I low key hated the chapters I’d written about the storm. So I sat down today and cut about 10,000 words, created a different ending, one that’s a lot more natural. So that’s a happy outcome. I’m once again getting really really excited about this book.

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