A Kiss in the Snow

Today I finished this commission piece of a kiss in the snow (from a Husky!) and am very happy that the collector loves it!

I also spent a lot of time writing because I love spending my mornings with Aimée, then did some rearranging in the gallery in preparation for tomorrow evening’s Zoom Auction! I’m getting very excited about it! I feel like it’s one of the most exclusive events I’ve ever done.

In moving things around, I found this beautiful red painting from the Arabesque series, which I’d kind of forgotten about. I also had a revelation hanging one of my Paris pieces (Midnight in Paris), and realizing that it truly does spectacular things in the light, that there’s a special richness to some of its blue notes.

Also, here’s an older picture of Dogs with Bagels next to its sequel, Lost Path to Solitude. I stumbled upon it as I was going through old pictures, and found it visually compelling and a nice complement to the Paris painting. I guess it serves as a reminder to myself that I should promote my older books too, not just my most recent one…

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