Laughing Horse

A mellow rainy day here in Houston, while Hurricane Hannah made landfall in South Texas. I didn’t go to farmers’ market, but my friends stopped by and brought me fresh eggs. I spent most of the day writing, as I’ve received more input for Glory Days and am aching to rework the manuscript.

My friend gave Holly a new bed, which she loves. She’s also really liking the chew toy she didn’t take to at first.

Meanwhile in Galveston this stately mansion is on the market. I once spent an eerie afternoon in there, on an unnaturally cold winter’s day, after my friend and I had gone to see a fortune teller who told me scary things, not about myself but about someone from my past. The house made quite an impression on me. Though I didn’t realize until today, looking in the pictures in the article, how it seeped into my subconscious and influenced me. The mansion in Storms of Malhado is totally inspired by this real life one, and I didn’t even know it until today.

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