A Shot of Hope

Today I volunteered at one of the Memorial Hermann drive-through vaccination sites. I did traffic control, directing people who had just been vaccinated to several lanes where they got to wait in their vehicles for 15 minutes until they were cleared to go. It was a little like the ferry line in Galveston.

Everyone was very happy. A man had five dogs in his car. Some of the dogs were very old.

The work was exciting but physically intense. We were very hot, then towards the end it was raining. I turned on the flashing lights on the red baton I was directing traffic with. It seemed like an appropriate thing to do in the rain.

The other volunteers were very nice. I might have made some new friends. After our shift we stood in line and got our first shot of the Pfizer vaccine. I hate needles, but I really didn’t feel it.

I was completely exhausted in the end. Five hours on my feet, running around, wielding a red baton. I might have worked off some of my quarantine fat. All those cookies I’ve been baking.

And so I’m one step closer to freedom and to finally going to see my old lizard. I’ll volunteer again for my second shot in three weeks. And maybe by then the world will look a little happier and healthier.

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