Little Patches of Color

Yesterday, when I found my paintings from when I was 17, I texted a picture to my top collector, and … More

Heart of the Matter

Today I did a live painting session from here at the Castle. My aunt wasn’t here to watch me, but … More


Today my aunt requested that I paint flowers. At first I felt like it wouldn’t be as much fun for … More


I’ve started to develop a nice routine. I write in the mornings while drinking my second cup of coffee. The … More

Lizard v. Watermelon

“If you show me pictures of art, I don’t really have much of an opinion,” my aunt said. “Show me … More

Tiny Yellow House

Today I walked around downtown. I looked at some of my favorite tiny old houses. I walked by the place … More

Mischief with Pigeons

Today we misbehaved. Because my younger aunt wasn’t here, we fed the pigeons some of the cat food she’d bought … More

Party Dress

Today I really like my painting and that makes me happy. Writing was good too. I might have been too … More

That Girl in the House

The old lizard talks to cutouts from old magazines. She sets out chocolate for the children and biscuits for that … More