All the Pretty Horses

A few of my favorites came by today and the conversation turned to horses – stolen ones, newly acquired ones, … More

Coming Home

Sometimes you’re out all day and you really miss your dog. Especially on a cold day when all you really … More

Screetch Owl

Energy is a funny thing. Yesterday I was in such a great mood. Now the stars are doing weird stuff … More

Unicorn Brigade

Pretty good day: I made cornmeal pancakes for breakfast. I finally accomplished some of the cleaning and decluttering chores I’ve … More


Made another abstract painting to go with yesterday’s. I was thinking about the freedom of being discreetly subversive, about art … More

Beyond the Veneer

New abstract painting today. I took my time with this one and did a lot of layering and scraping. I … More

Friday Auction!

As Christmas approaches, I will be auctioning off some smaller works and some works on paper – items you can … More