Made another abstract painting to go with yesterday’s. I was thinking about the freedom of being discreetly subversive, about art as rebellion. Maybe it was Aimée who got me into that mood, as I spent the morning working on publicity for the book and rereading passages. But Aimée and I have a lot in common. We seek freedom in very similar ways and we’re both ultimately looking to be ourselves without the need to pretend or play games. I think we’re both good at being ourselves too. I’m proud of us.

In the evening I volunteered at John’s yearly gala. I wore my mother’s mink stole and loved the way it looked with one of my favorite dresses. At some point I ended up in the closet with Bobby. I love Bobby, and the closet is pretty nice. It has lots of mirrors. I took a selfie for good measure.

Later, my friend and I went to Velvet Taco. We sat outside and ate queso and luscious red velvet cake. It got cold even with the mink stole on. But it was a good moment.

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