Subtle Changes

Made a few subtle changes to the most recent seascape. Drove to the Island too to take new art to … More

Good Days are Good

Some days are lovely. Today started off with a bit of yesterday’s anxiety lingering, but then things cleared up and … More

Just Add Sea Foam

I’m proud of myself for sleeping on this, but in the light of day I decided I wanted to add … More

Hard Is Good?

I remember four years ago when my life was very different I had started taking life drawing classes and I … More

The Perfect Picture

Tonight I invited my friends to come watch me paint another 4-panel seascape for Barcelona. I was a bit nervous, … More

Penelope Has a Party

Some of our favorite people came by today. Penelope was very happy. Holly was a little bit jealous. A bunch … More

A New Era

Change is in the air. It’s a new moon and a new era. After a full year of construction right … More

Which Cover Do You Prefer?

Today I spent some time thinking about the aesthetics of my upcoming novel, Galveston 1922. I made another painting that … More

Meet Pedro

Y’all remember when I painted Penelope the rocking horse not too long ago? Today my friend brought me a little … More