Windows of Porto

The seagulls screamed all night. I could hear people in the narrow alley across from my window too. It was annoying yet exciting. In my room, I feel a bit like I’m on a ship.

There was fog in the morning and it was cool out. I decided to take a walking tour to brush up on my own tour guide skills. I’m always curious how other people do this. The tour was fun and informative but long, involving many steep hills and many stairs. We saw the water marks from many floods the city has experienced over the years. That, to me, felt very familiar, but unlike Galveston, the floods here were not deadly.

After the tour I ate the most amazing things: fried potatoes, eggs, cod, with a sprinkle of crunchy olive crumbs on top. Then I walked around some more. I met an artist who sells beautiful watercolors and drawings by displaying them creatively on her bicycle.

Finally, although there’s still so much to see, I came back to my room to rest.

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