Something New

You know that quote from The Great Gatsby about life starting again in the fall. It’s nowhere near crisp out here in Houston, but we’re hoping for our first cold front this week, and mornings and evenings have gotten considerably more pleasant. Giant plastic skeletons have been erected in my neighbor’s yards, so yes, there is that sense of new beginnings and new possibilities out there.

And I’m happy to report that I started a new collaboration I’m very excited about: I am now a News Contributor for The Leader, our neighborhood paper here in the Houston Heights, and I couldn’t be more excited! You can already read my first two articles online.

Also, I’m about to drive my art to Galveston to be hung at The Proletariat for my opening on Saturday. I got so excited/anxious/nervous/fired up about this that I immediately went and purchased new tires for my car (always good to be safe, but especially when transporting ghostly art), got all the car’s filters changed too, and then some. This process took all day. While I waited I shopped for new cute but comfortable sparkly fall sneakers and sparkly makeup at the Galleria and relished in the fact that I felt no need to buy a new dress or anything like that for my opening. I have many lovely dresses already, and I felt proud of my sensible choice to purchase new tires instead. And if that didn’t make me prepared enough, I went home and chopped off my hair. This is something I do well, by the way. I’m great at cutting hair, even my own. It looks very cute and fresh and I hope you will all come see it on Saturday!

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