A Gift from My Mentor

Last night at the Monarch Society, we were each given a bag of individually packed snacks in order to be able to enjoy a small treat in a socially distant way. John was obviously the one who packed these bags, because mine included a random assortment of pantry items. One of these was a can of evaporated milk. Obviously we both find such jokes funny. And so today I painted my can of evaporated milk – which by the way, is a pantry item I enjoy having handy.

Today held a different kind of treat in store: One of my favorite artists, MoNique Leroux came over to interview me for a docuseries she’s making called Meet Houston’s Artists. You can watch the trailer here. I’m very proud to be featured in it!

I love MoNique’s energy, and always have a good time talking to her. We kept our masks on the entire time, but had a blast talking to each other anyway. And definitely watch out for an upcoming docuseries episode of me wearing a carousel horse on my face talking about my experience as an artist during the pandemic.

Holly loved seeing MoNique too, and she especially enjoyed being filmed. She loves attention!

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