Headed to Malaga

Before I go, two things: Here’s a photo retrospective of how amazing my time in Barcelona and my participation in … More


Today my friend came by for lunch whom I hadn’t seen in a really long time. In anticipation of her … More

Wandering Around

Our memories are strange and perhaps a good way to explore this is by wandering around a city that holds … More

Worth It

In which I hike up a mountain for this view, and it’s totally worth it. It had been a few … More

Day Off

Today was a holiday here, one of those sleepy days when everything is closed. I went to my friend’s place … More

After the Show

Today I finally slept a little longer. Hardly anything is open here on Sundays, but I found a good bakery … More

Highlights of the Day

Things I really loved about today: Walking to the festival venue early in the morning all the way from my … More

Cinderella at the Ball

The art is hung. It was quite an adventure getting it up there, but my previous experiences in the art … More

Intention Setting

I woke up at 3:30am, no surprise there. I drank 3 coffees and ate an ensaïmada (my favorite!) while looking … More