Two of my very dear collectors are in Maine this week, and they posted a picture of a lovely lighthouse. … More

Move-In Day

So here we are. Holly and I are officially in our new place and it feels fresh and good and … More

Last Night

My last night in my sweet little apartment. Ok, I’m gonna be a little sentimental about this. Also, today was … More


Ok, so I’m purposefully posting a somewhat blurry picture, because when it comes to commissions I really don’t like to … More

Moving Out, Moving On

I’m not sure if Holly is pissed, or if that’s just her face, but she must be confused for sure, … More

Buffalo Energy

The day has been bittersweet, but overall good. My little sister, Lily, is going back to India soon. The news … More

Wrapping Up

It’s been a great day, yet once again an overwhelming one. This morning, during my meeting with Ryan, we started … More

Carousel de la Tour Eiffel

John’s unveiling of the Paris series was tonight and it was wonderful! There was a cozy atmosphere in the bungalow, … More

Everybody Loves Paris

Everybody loves Paris. It’s what I’ve learned at the Gala on Saturday. People either have fond memories of it, or … More